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Walking The Streets Of Rome | GoPro

If you only had 8 hours to spend in Rome, what would you do?

Would you take it easy and enjoy a glass of vino stuffing your face with authentic Italian food?  Would you put on your sneakers, break a sweat and rush to see every sight possible?  Why not do both?

What To Wear

How would you like to walk around being bugged by every street peddler and “buy my tour ticket” person in Rome?  Sounds awesome right?!  Yeah…no.  So do yourself a favor and update your wardrobe before you take to the streets of Rome.

Men (Look like a local):
Summer – Polo Shirt, shorts (not cargo), aviator sunglasses and comfortable stylish tennis shoes.
Winter – Jacket, Scarf, Boots and Skinny Jeans (argh I know).

Women: (Look like a local)
Summer – Sundress and flat shoes.
Winter – Down coat, leggings, scarf and boots.

Best Way To Explore Rome

Realistically you will never be able to see everything in Rome, Italy in just one visit.  So, what is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your trip to Rome? Buy a Bus Pass! Yes, I also was skeptical at first, but there was no way I could have visited as much as I did in Rome without a bus pass.

Visit City Sight Seeing – Hop On Hop Off | Rome to purchase bus tickets ahead of time!

If you aren’t on a time crunch, simply look in any direction and begin walking. Getting lost in Rome and finding the hidden gems off the beaten tourist path is half the fun.

Where To Eat

I stayed up late a week before the trip to Rome and watched every possible tv show and documentary I could on Rome…including Gladiator lol.  I was obsessed with knowing the best spots to hit while on a time restraint.  Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Pizza – Bonci – There is a small pizza place just a few blocks away from the Vatican that has some of the most delicious pizza you will ever taste.  We ended up ordering the Greek Pizza and it literally melted in your mouth with so much flavor.  Even as I type this I am salivating at the mouth thinking about how good the pizza tasted. Visit
  • Gelato – You really can’t go wrong with most Gelato places. We ended up stopping twice for Gelato and both times we were very pleased.
  • Pasta – Pastasciutta – My pasta dish literally came with a light alfredo sauce with cherry tomatoes (I hate tomatoes) and it was amazing!


What To See


  • Pantheon – Est Time: 15min – Travel: By Foot

    Colosseum – Est Time: 1hr – Travel: By Bus or Foot – They don’t make modern day stadiums that spectacular.
    If you have extra time:  Book the extended catacombs tour and travel deep in the depths of the Colosseum.
    Roman Forum – Est Time: 10min – Travel: By Foot (Close to Colosseum)
    Trevi Fountain – Est Time: 20min – Travel: By Foot – Toss a coin into the fountain for safe travels!

    Arch of Constantine – Est Time: 2 1/2min – Travel: By Foot – You can’t walk through the Arch anymore so enjoy a quick selfie? Bummer

    Vatican City and St. Peter’s Basilica – Est Time: 2hrs – On your way out stop by the Vatican Post Office and send a family member a postcard from the Vatican!
    Sistine Chapel – Est Time: 1hr minimum – You could literally spend all day here!
    More Locations Here

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