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72 Hours In Paris

My house is literally littered with Eiffel Tower figurines and I never understood why. Why is the Eiffel Tower so iconic, I mean, let’s be honest here, it’s a radio tower (or was). Still, there was something that was drawing me to this place.

So one Sunday morning I found myself browsing the web while drinking my coffee when an Ad for TravelZoo came up for Paris that was too good to pass up. I was officially booked for a trip to Paris.

Arriving In Paris

So before my trip, I figured I would brush up a bit on my French with the Duolingo App (which is amazing by the way). By the time we arrived in Paris, I felt pretty comfortable that I was going to be able to hold it down when communicating, boy was I wrong.

Walked up to the Taxi and the guy spoke French so fast, all I was able to spit out was Oui, and the name of our hotel “Si Vous Plait”.

The Louver

After a long 2-6 hour nap after our flight, we were off to the Louver. One of the most famous museums in the world and yes, the filming location for the Da Vinci Code for all you ‘Mericans’ out there. The museum didn’t disappoint, but you literally do need a day or two to see all of it. Did you know it was a fortress at one point? Wild.

When we walked outside from the Louvre, it was that moment I got my first glance of both the Effiel Tower off in the distance and true French Culture.

The Seine

We took a walk along the Seine just as the sun was beggining to set. People were crowded into the restraunts along the water front, while some sat on the edge of the water sharing a bottle of wine and music was everywhere and not just some guy playing the bottom of a plastic bucket, but a full on band with a Chello. To top it off, as this small little band played, people were dancing the waltz.

Mont Saint-Michel

How many times have you gotten back from vacation somewhere far away and were like “Argh, I should have went and seen ______”. I have that FOMO feeling litterally after every trip I have ever gone on, so this time, I made the best of it including taking a bus 4 hours eachway (I know I know). But it was worth it and more.

The Effiel Tower

Was it everything I hoped and more? Literally the lawn is littered with couples on blankets, drinking wine, eating bread and just taking in the sight which is honestly breathtaking. We came back to the Eiffel Tower mutliple times including the last night. Where we sat with our wine and watched it twinkle hours into the night.

Cedrics Paris – Car Tour

The coolest part about our trip? Booking Cedrics Paris Tours hands down. They do custom tours, pull up to your hotel in a vintage car with a great big bottle of champagne in the backseat and give you a guided tour of the city. It was by far the best way to experience the city in a limited amount of time and I can’t wait to go back to do it all again.

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