August 6, 2015 admin

Kids Have It So Easy Now

Growing up I wanted to make movies. During the summer time, I would get all of the neighborhood kids together and we would spend all morning coming up with elaborate scripts. Usually, the films would consist of 1 minute of dialogue and 10 straight minutes of action packed fighting. We would record onto old cassette tapes then use 3 VCRs linked to one another to edit the video down to exactly what we want. Now a days, kids can shoot and edit everything from their phone! But I guess every generation has their ‘thing’.

My true love for digital started in the early 90’s when we first got our IBM Compatible. I remember my parents were freaking out because they watched John F. Kennedy give a speech off of the Encyclopedia program installed on the computer. I would spend countless hours playing in Windows 3.1 and DOS. A short time later my neighbor’s bought a brand new Windows 95 machine. The screen was bigger, the sound was better, the graphics were amazing and we played with it till the wee hours of the night for days.

Then one day we stumbled across the Windows Movie Maker feature and slowly but surely we began our first experiments with stop-motion animation.

Excuse the language. Heavily influenced by Van Damme movies and the classics of the 80’s.