November 10, 2016 admin

Snorkeling Blue Springs | GoPro Video

Imagine swimming next to 5-foot long garpike and coming up for air just to notice a decent size alligator basking in the sun a few feet away.  Welcome to Blue Springs!  Yes, there really is a ton of wildlife to be seen during your visit to Blue Springs, but it is completely safe.  You just have to be aware of your surroundings is all.

Tip: Make sure you leave early in the morning and arrive at the gate no later than 10am. If you arrive at any time after 10am , you will end up sitting in a 2 hour line of cars.

Kayak Rental: Start off by hitting the kayak rentals right away.  It only costs about $15 bucks to rent a kayak and that will buy you an hour or so out on the river. If you’re lucky you will come across a few manatees!

Snorkel: Bring your own snorkeling gear and make sure to bring a good set of fins. When you drop into Blue Springs you will be swimming up stream and it’s going to be a huge pain only using your bare feet.

When you arrive at the opening of Blue Springs take a minute to catch your breath before playing around. Too often have I seen people become exhausted and almost hurt themselves at the opening.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the incredible underwater view!