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Exploring The Ruins Of Pompeii | GoPro Travel

Walking In The Shadow Of Mount Vesuvius And The Ruins Of Pompeii

I remember as a child reading about the horrific story of Pompeii and how the Mount Vesuvius erupted burying thousands of people alive.  Years later I find myself standing in the very street this disaster happened.

What To Wear

Wear tennis shoes!  I can’t stress that enough.  The roads in Pompeii is literally walking on boulders.   A few people in our tour group decided to wear sandals and rolled their ankles walking in the streets.

Best Way To Explore Pompeii

Realistically you will never be able to see everything in Rome, Italy in just one visit.  So, what is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your trip to Barcelona? Buy a Bus Pass! Yes, I also was skeptical at first, but there was no way I could have visited as much as I did in Rome without a bus pass.

Visit City Sight Seeing – Hop On Hop Off | Barcelona to purchase bus tickets ahead of time!

If you aren’t on a time crunch, simply look in any direction and begin walking.

My Top 5 Locations To See In Barcelona

  • La Sagrada Familia | Est Time: 45Min – Travel By: Walk or Take Bus
    Buy tickets ahead of time and make sure you purchase the ticket package that allows you to climb the staircase to the top of this stunning structure!

    La Ramblas | Est Time: 1-3hr  Travel: By Bus or Foot
    There is a ton of great shops, street art shopping, people watching and locations to eat along La Ramblas.  My suggestion, grab a drink and watch life.
    Modernist Park Guell by Gaudi  | Est Time: 1-2hr  Travel: By Bus or Taxi
    I could spend days enjoying this beautiful park overlooking the city.  If you are short on time, at least take the trek to the highest point in the park which is a small lookout with the most breathtaking view of the city.
    Olympic Village | Est Time: 1hr-2hr Travel By: Bus or Taxi
    Check out the location of the 1992 Olympics!

    Montjuic Castle | Est Time: 2 1/2hr  Travel By: Montjuic Cable Car
    You can’t walk through the Arch anymore so enjoy a quick selfie? Bummer

    More Locations Here

Pompeii Travel Photo Gallery

View of Naples from the Disney Dream
The steps leading up to the ruins of Pompeii.

Panoramic shot overlooking Capri, Italy

One of the unfortunate victims of Mt. Vesuvius eruption of 79 .a.d.

When you do finally make it to Pompeii, please show some respect.  The one thing I was exposed to when traveling with a tour group was that the ‘American Tourist” stigmata is real.  We were touring the old amphitheater of Pompeii when an older woman said out loud “Yeah, this is great and all, but where are the dead bodies!”.  She said it with enthusiasm.  Everyone turned around at her with disgust including myself.

Were the streets of Pompeii meant for walking?  Nope, the streets usually flowed with garbage, human waste and often were impossible to navigate on horse.

The paintings are still visibile after all these years!
This was our tour guide.  I wouldn’t have had any other tour guide besides him.  He was not only informative, but a joy to discuss ancient history with.