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Kennedy Space Center | 360 Video

Visiting Kennedy Space Center And Reliving My Childhood

It’s a bizarre feeling looking at these massive rockets that once launched humans into space decades ago. You get a feeling of pride with humanity to think that thousands of people with different backgrounds came together to solve the once deemed impossible.

Then you think about the space shuttle and you realize how backwards our goals as a society are. I imagine when the engineers and designers sat down to design the first space shuttle ‘Atlantis’ they dreamt that the work they were doing would be a consistent snowball effect on our quest to explore the stars.

Sadly, that’s not what happened.

Nasa Budget: 17.4 Billion
Military Budget: …601 BILLION

More info on Nasa Budget

“We Stopped Dreaming” – My favorite video

Breakdown of what I would see first on limited time:

  1. Bus Tour – Make sure this is the FIRST thing on your to-do list.  The bus tour will take you on a 2-hour journey out to the massive building where they assemble the rockets and past all of the historic launch pads.  It also makes a stop at the building where they house the historic Saturn V Rocket and you can sit in the control room for a simulated launch!
  2. Atlantis – At first I was worried that the Atlantis exhibit was going to take up too much of my short amount of time at Kennedy Space Center.  When in all honesty it was one of the best parts about the space center.
  3. 3D Planet Earth – Just go and thank me later!

Exploration over Conquest!

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