April 6, 2012 admin

Me on Mojo In the Morning – Skype Dating

So busted…Mojo wanted to do a bit on how me and my gf communicate with me living in Detroit and her living in Florida. Although my voice sounded like Barry White and probably serinated every lady listening in Detroit still was pretty damn nervous.

Simple video I did as a gift to my girlfriend. She was going off on a work trip so I figured I would throw this together to tell our story in a 2 min song.

We met 2 days before Christmas and 6 days after that, she moved to Florida.
We kept in touch talking everyday through text messages and videos. Video chat dates and watching movies together.

Secretly flying out every other week after work on Fridays and rushing into work from the airport on Mondays. Hearing people at the office talk about “How bad that storm looks in Florida” or “How they wish they were in Florida”….and me just smiling because I was there secretly a few hours ago.

Chasing “life”

Lesson taught me to always follow my gut in life and to never take the easy road.