The 1980s

The year is 1986. Tom Cruise’s career is just about to take off (some pun intended) and his latest movie, Top Gun just hit theaters leaving people singing randomly in bars “You’ve lost that loving feeling” and of course, every guy & girl being like “I need a Kawasaki motorcycle or to ride on one” after seeing the scene below.

Current Day (Over 34 years later)

Skip forward to 2022 and Top Gun the sequel comes out. I haven’t seen it, but I know people are going to once again get that iconic motorcycle moment in the movie and once again lust to own or ride on the back of a Kawasaki. So on a roadtrip to Michigan from Florida, I decided to make an augmented reality filter allowing anyone to ride on the back of the Kawasaki motorcycle from Top Gun.

Days later, my phone begins to literally blow up with notifications of people using the filter. Then, I start getting tagged in celebrity and influencers posts and am like “What is going on?”. Turns out, the Top Gun AR Filter went viral and now as of 8.1.22 has been used by over 50+Million people. Wild.

Check it out for yourself below!


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