Johnny Magic has been pulling pranks on the entire Morning Show for the past couple of months, but little did he know that the rest of the morning show was quietly planning the ULTIMATE REVENGE.  We were going to get Johnny where he feels safest…in his sleep!

Originally it was just going to be some violinists and dancers. That is until the Orlando Magic, Orlando City Soccer, UCF Knights, a High School Marching Band, Exotic Dancers and more caught wind of such an epic prank!


We all gathered in a Walmart parking lot near Johnny’s House and immediately when I pulled up I thought to myself “Oh My God….This is insane!”. Seeing the group of 50+ people taking over the parking lot.

It literally looked like Johnny’s House was getting raided as 20+ cars pulled up and people began tip toeing to his drive way. We all slowly made our way into his house with marching band members cautiously holding onto their equipment being careful not to run into anything and make a noise.

We piled into his room slowly and for me it was the creepiest thing I have ever done (I have done some creepy things ) . Johnny was passed out snoring with no clue on the chaos that is about to go down.

On a count of 1…..2……3  it all went down. Enjoy the video!