What would it look like if you could look inside your TV screen back in the 60s and watch the moon landing?

That is the exact question I asked myself after binge-watching pretty much every Space race show on tv (it became an obsession). Then one day, I found myself looking at an old news paper clipping of a photo with a tv showing the lunar lander on the moon and I thought to myself, “that would be pretty cool if you could really look inside of that scene”.

So, with a bit of work in Augmented Reality, 3D Modeling with Blender and Photoshop with the tunes of David Bowies ‘Space Oddity’, I created just that.

With this Augmented Reality Experience, it allows you to look inside an old TV set and witness the Moon Landing in 3D. You’ll notice the TV set actually pops out at you and it appears to have even a glass texture. As you begin to look around at the surface of the moon, you’ll notice it’s actually a soundstage with lights and cameras (How meta, I know). Enjoy!