Everyone who really knows me knows that my one true dream is to run my own charity organization and travel the world helping people.  I recently teamed up with XL 106.7’s Johnny Magic to take the first step into getting my charity feet wet and I am hooked.

We arrived at the apartment complex with one thought in mind: “How could there possibly be a boxing club here?“.   Our question was quickly answered as we walked through a corridor of apartments to a small area filled with the faces of kids, all very eager to train at the Lunar Boxing Club.

Children to my right, sparring with another while giving each other pointers.  Kids sweaty with the look of determination as they try to master the speed bag.  Then the smiles that fill their face when they get it right.

The video only shows half the story of the Lunar Boxing Club.


There is more then wooden stakes with rope that keeps the Lunar Boxing Club thriving in a suburb of Orlando.  Angel and his dedicated coaches are working hard to keep kids off the street and they need your help.  

Simply visit the Lunar Boxing Club GoFundMe page

Email Angel at lunarbc2013@aol.com

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