So somehow I managed to get myself selected as the iHeartMedia’s 2015 Employee Of The Year! How? I have no idea.

I got off of a long 10 hour work day and went straight to the Holiday Party.  I sat off in the corner just catching up with a fellow employee on a project and I heard them getting ready to announce the Employee Of The Year award.  “There is no way” I thought to myself.  I have been blessed to already have won 2-Employee Of The Quarter awards, a iTeam Employee Of The Year award and I thought there was no way I was about to walk away with Employee Of The Year.

I was wrong.  They called my announced my name and I looked towards the stage with dozens of smiling faces clapping towards me.  My heart was full and I was so honored to receive such an award when my building is packed with some of the most talented individuals in the industry.


Work isn’t work when you love what you do.