Dapper The Game

Let’s face it. When you go out to the bar with friends, it’s the same old same old. If you’re a girl, you maybe dance and catch up with friends. If you’re a guy, you stand there in the corner and stare creepily at the girls. And if you’re on a double date, you just try to find something in common to talk about.

So how do we put an end to that and get people out of their chairs and having the time of their life? We challenge them to step outside of their comfort zone because some of the best memories of your life are when you do something out of the ordinary. Allow me to introduce you to Dapper The Game

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So What Is Dapper The Game And How Does It Work?

I’m glad you asked. Dapper The Game is an Augmented Reality filter on Instagram and Facebook that provides you with a range of challenges delivered by a specific cast of characters.

Each character has a unique set of skills and challenges waiting for you. The game will provide you with one of the following characters with a specific challenge you must then take on and capture.

The Gamekeeper

Master of all games and the host, he will have you rethinking what it means to step outside your comfort zone.

the intellect dapper the game

The Intellect | Try The Intellect AR Filter

Your life and everything you do to him is a human-controlled behavior experiment.

The Hoofer| Try The Hoofer AR Filter

Whether she’s on the dance floor doing the foxtrot or showcasing her acting skills. There’s never a dull moment when she’s around.

the drifterThe Drifer| Try The Drifter AR Filter

Don’t leave your food, drink or spouse alone with the drifter hanging around. He’s the kinda dude that will finish your drink for you and burn your eyes with his raw sewage smelling breath.

The StrongMan| Try The StrongMan AR Filter

He’s the kind of guy that puts Brads And Chads to shame. He’s willing to do 100 one handed pushups to impress your girl and find any excuse to flex.

What’s In The Future For Dapper The Game?

Honestly, no plans at this time. I built this game for two reasons. One, to challenge myself to build it in Augmented Reality and learn more about using this technology to connect with consumers and two, to do a service for the boring people I see out at the bars time and time again. Within the first month of launching Dapper The Game, it hit over 50,000 users and continues to grow.