What is D Life? Think Dave Atels Insomniac meets Anthony Bourdains No Reservations’ the D Life concept was created by myself and Chris Knox late last year with a single idea in mind which was showing off all the great things in Detroit that are happening that don’t quite make it to TVor newspapers. The city is very much alive and we wanted to show off the hidden gems of the area and events that not necessarily everyone knows about. Our ideas consisted of getting back to the roots of radio which is community. We feel today much is lost in the ideals of TMZ celebs and reality TV when there is a much more compelling story surrounding us. These two episodes are ruff versions of what we had in mind. They were completely on spur of the moment and all we had to shoot was flip cameras (which explains the low quality). But we have high hopes in perfecting the series in the future.

Strategy Based:
Using our social media networks across all platforms we give the web series a boost by reaching over 500,000 Facebook and twitter fans. We build excitement around the videos and create a fan based for these webisodes.