Headed out last weekend to mess around with the GoPro at Blue Springs in Orange City, FL. If you are ever looking for an incredible adventure check Blue Springs out!

Make sure you leave early in the morning and arrive at the gate no later than 10am.  Anytime after 10am and you will sit in a 2 hour line of cars to get in.

What I suggest:
Kayak Rental: Start off by hitting the kayak rentals right away.  It only costs about $15 bucks to rent a kayak and that will buy you an hour or so out on the river. If you’re lucky you will come across a few manatees!

Snorkel: Bring your own snorkeling gear and make sure to bring a good set of fins. When you drop into Blue Springs you will be swimming up stream and it’s going to be a huge pain only using your bare feet.

When you arrive at the opening of Blue Springs take a minute to catch your breath before playing around. Too often have I seen people become exhausted and almost hurt themselves at the opening.

Sit back, relay and enjoy the incredible underwater view!