Brief Bio.

I design user experiences and moments that connect brands with users.

Imported from Detroit with more than 17 years of digital experience creation, digital strategy, brand communication, creative direction, and storytelling.  I currently work for iHeartMedia creating new ways for broadcast radio to merge with the ever-growing digital audience through Digital Media.

In addition to my nine to five, I also am the co-owner of a Detroit based Digital Agency called “The Default Network” which serves as a hub for all of my product ideas including apps, websites and more.

All about Derek Reece

More About Me | Resume and Skills

Check out my “More About Me” page for an in depth look into my many passions and studies surrounding Digital Media.  From studying Architecture to Viral Marketing Campaigns.

Latest Blogs | Travel, Studies, And More.

I decided to start a blog to capture my latest adventures in my quest to full fill my wanderlust and share my latest thoughts on the changing daily industry of Digital.  Check it out!